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Download the wallpapers of latest Ubuntu 16.10 OS from the link provided below. As the development of Ubuntu 16.10 operating system is in its final stage, many features of this new OS has been disclosed. Recently “OMG! Ubuntu” has started a competition in which the users have to submit wallpapers and the winning wallpapers will be included in the final version of Ubuntu 16.10 which is scheduled for October. As of now the competition has ended and the officials have announced the winners. All these winning wallpapers will be supplied with Ubuntu 16.10 OS.

Along with the default wallpaper for Ubuntu 16.10 has also been disclosed and we have supplied it along with other wallpapers. There are total nine wallpapers in high resolution which has been packed in a zip file. The size of the zip file is 10.47 MB. You can download it from below.

Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 03 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 04 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 05 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 06 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 07 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 08 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 09 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 01 Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper.10 wallpaper 02

Download Ubuntu 16.10 Wallpapers

Device:Ubuntu 16.10
File Name:ubuntu-16.10-stock-wallpapers.zip
Uploaded:14th February 2019
File Size:10.48 MB
File Verified

In actual, there are two default wallpapers for Ubuntu 16.10. One with orange shades (that we have provided above) and the other one with silver shades. The silver wallpaper will be used when the user applies Radiance desktop theme. The default Ambiance theme will have the orange wallpaper.

The final beta version of default Ubuntu 16.10 will be released on 22nd September while the stable version is scheduled for 13th October. The first Alpha build was released on 30th June, while the first beta version was put live on 25th August. If you like the above-provided wallpapers, then please do share this article. We also publish stock wallpapers of many other devices, so stay tuned with us to download them all for free.

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